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Current Competition: October 9th through December 17th
National Team Rankings for Trivia Teams
RankingTeam NameRanking Points
1F'n Randy20
2Salty Balls19
3My Worn Out Pocket Pussy15
43 Knuckles Deep15
5Hopefully Not 4th Place13
7Rooster Lollie13
8What's Up Bitches12
9I Got My Sock Pregnant12
10Late Bloomers12
11Stay Fresh Cheese Bags11
12Smarty Pints8
13Jo Daddy8
14Ashley For Now8
15dumb & Dumber8
16Bar Stools7
17Deez 4 Nutz7
18Backwards Helmet7
20Chubby Dongus7
22Indy Rats7
23The Simpson Show7
24Unified Trivia Team7
25Quivera Estates6
26The Rookies5
29Just The Three Of Us5
30Juul Hits And Beer Shits5
31I'm Dirty Dan5
33Eat Me Like An Oreo5
34Kitchen Bandits4
35Mark & Linda4
36Friday Night Farrt Club4
37Easy Come Easy Go4
38Grief Gang4
39Raytona Beach4
40Wilma Dick Fit4
41Muff N Scruff4
42Orangutan Gangbang3
43No Fly Zone3
44The Shit Show3
45Sanford & Sons3
46Shaved Hamster Nuts3
47Wompin Wombats3
48Hookers & Blow3
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Prize Amounts

Week 8 of the 10 Week Contest

10 Week Prize


Given to the Team that finishes #1 overall for all bars combined at the conclusion of our 10 week contest

winning team can pick up winnings during week 1 of the following 10 week competition at an Xtreme League Trivia Location

Regional manager's Payment Center
Amount Owed

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