Todays Shows

Todays Xtreme League Trivia Shows


Current Competition: March 15th through May 23rd
National Team Rankings for Trivia Teams
RankingTeam NameRanking Points
1Better From Behind19
2Rhymen Hymen19
3Hooters Tooters And Farts18
5Late Bloomers13
7Reasonably Priced Hookers9
8Thirsty Thursday Bible Study8
9Cheese Dicks8
10C U Next Thursday7
11We Come From Behind7
12Quiz In My Pants6
14My Drug Dealer4
15Polish Thunder4
16Rub It Until It Smokes4
17Rusty Nails4
18Indy Rats4
19DJ Dan's Micro Penis4
20Here For The Gangbang4
21We Got Worms4
22What's Up Bitches4
23Wolf Pack4
24Wey Squared3
25Half Asses3
26Dirty Crubs3
27Dream Team3
28Irish Wrist Watches3
29It Depends3
30Bad Decisions3
32Resting Bitch Face3
33Tiddies And Beer3
34Morning Wood3
35Muff And Scruff3
36Menace To Society2
38Oldies But Goodies2
39Vegas Bound2
40The Shwiftys2
41Tequila Wine2
424th Times A Champion2
43Bank Tellers2
44All We Do Is Win2
45Alpha Dogs2
46Commerce Bitches2
47It's So Sad2
48I Might Have Aids2
49Hell Yeah2
50Furious Four2
Prize Amounts

Week 4 of our 10 week contest

10 Week Prize


Given to the Team that finishes #1 at the conclusion of our 10 week contest

winning team can pick up winnings during week 1 of the following 10 week competition at an Xtreme League Trivia Location

Regional manager's Payment Center
Amount Owed

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