Todays Xtreme League Trivia Shows

Event StartTitleCategoryCity
4/6/2020 8:00 PM Down The Hatch Nebraska 594

Current Competition: March 9th through May 17th
National Team Rankings for Trivia Teams
RankingTeam NameRanking Points
1Down With The Sickness5
2Me, You And DJ Dan's Mom5
4The OG's5
5What's Up Bitches4
6Bar Stools2
7Bitch Better Have My Money2
8Brielyns Biggest Fans1
9BS Team1
11Double D1
13Down To Move1
14#16 Love1
152 Pieces & A Biscuit1
1690's Tune Squad1
17A Team Has No Name1
19Biscuits And Gravy1
20Yeah Bolts1
21The Pale Kings1
22The Sosas1
23Udderly Hopeless1
24Walt Quizney1
25We Back Bitches1
26We Still Suck1
27My Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem1
28My Penis Is Patient Zero1
29My Sisters Butt Plug1
31Not Jagernauts1
32Parachute Pants1
33Pee Dee1
34Piss Off1
35Plan B1
36Quiz In My Pants1
37Sassy Lassies1
38Shamey B1
39Something Funny1
40Spicy Aerolo1
41Spring Breakers1
43Team SEAL1
44The Dry Rub1
45The Koch's1
46Eminem and Beyonce1
47F'n AJ's1
48Fart Stew1
49Five Oh1
50Gay For Pay1
Prize Amounts

Week 4 of our 10 week contest

10 Week Prize


Given to the Team that finishes #1 at the conclusion of our 10 week contest

winning team can pick up winnings during week 1 of the following 10 week competition at an Xtreme League Trivia Location

Regional manager's Payment Center
Amount Owed

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