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Current Competition: March 13th through May 28th
National Team Rankings for Trivia Teams
RankingTeam NameRanking Points
1Rooster Lollie21
2Late Bloomers15
3Shits & Giggles8
4We Got Worms8
5June Cleaver's Beaver7
6Big Baby Jesus5
7Reasonably Priced Hookers5
9A Team4
10Dangerously Indifferent3
11Corned Queef & Cabbage3
12Jewish Tanning Booth3
14Hood Rats3
16Moist Purses3
19What's Up Bitches3
20Risky Quizness3
21Sock Cutters Cut Socks3
22Scooby & His Snack3
23Shower Buddies2
24Three Is Average2
26Strong Wiener2
27Red Hot Trivia Peppers2
28Plumbers Crack2
29Half Asses2
30Here For The Gangbang2
31Irish Wrist Watches2
32Just The Tip2
33Fist Full Of Sugar2
34Girth Matters2
353 Knuckles Deep2
3670 Minus 12
38Beer Mizers2
39Bellied Up To The Bar2
41Baby Gravy1
42Bald Eagles Freedom & Shit1
43Bracket Busters1
44Brown Girls1
45Bun Length Wieners1
46C & S1
47Cat's Meow1
48Cooter Tooters1
492nd Place1
505 Poles 2 Holes1
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Prize Amounts

Week 3 of the 10 Week Contest

10 Week Prize


Given to the Team that finishes #1 at the conclusion of our 10 week contest

winning team can pick up winnings during week 1 of the following 10 week competition at an Xtreme League Trivia Location

Regional manager's Payment Center
Amount Owed

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